An English bulldog puppy with tomatoes.

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What greens can canines eat? Can canines eat tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, corn and different greens? This can be a query — like “can canines eat apples, grapes, strawberries and different fruits?” — that I’ve typically requested myself whereas strolling by the native farmers’ market or the produce part of the grocery retailer. Right here at Dogster, let’s reply the query, “What greens can canines eat?” by trying on the dos and don’ts for a number of widespread greens:

1. Can canines eat tomatoes?

An English bulldog puppy with tomatoes.

Are tomatoes secure for canines to eat? The reply is it’s difficult. Images by Tatiana Katsai / Shutterstock.

Are tomatoes secure for canines to eat? Kind of — and watch out. Giant portions of tomato shouldn’t be fed to canines; ingested in nice sufficient volumes, naturally occurring chemical compounds within the fruit could cause coronary heart and nervous system issues.

Nevertheless, this may occasionally trigger some consternation, however in small portions, the tomato fruit is okay for canines. There has lengthy been debate on canines and tomatoes, however the worst somewhat little bit of ripe tomato will do to a canine is trigger some abdomen upset.

The inexperienced components of the tomato plant — the vine, leaves, stems and unripe fruit — are one other matter altogether. Solanine is a chemical present in excessive concentrations in these components. One of many tomato’s pure defenses, solanine is discovered all through the nightshade household, together with the tomato and potato. If in case you have tomatoes in your backyard, you’re higher off protecting the canine out.

2. Can canines eat carrots?

A French bulldog puppy eating a carrot.

Can canines eat carrots?