A chihuahua in a bathtub getting shampooed.

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Proud mother or father of a Chihuahua who’s trying to be taught extra or interested by getting a Chihuahua canine? Study the details about this canine right here:

Fast Details on the Chihuahua Canine Breed

A chihuahua in a bathtub getting shampooed.

A Chihuahua is among the many smallest canine breeds. Images by toons17 / Shutterstock.

  • Weight: 2-6 kilos (zero.91-2.72 kg)
  • Peak: 6-9 inches (15.24-22.86 cm)

Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest canine breed, usually weighing between 2 and eight kilos with a mean peak of 6 to 9 inches. Chihuahuas have a “cobby” physique — stout, stocky and barely longer than tall — that also appears versatile, sturdy and muscular. Their rounded, apple-shaped heads characteristic darkish spherical eyes, pointed ears and a barely pointed muzzle.

The necks slope all the way down to stage backs and sickle-shaped tails that generally curl up or to 1 facet. Easy-coated Chihuahuas have a tender, shiny coat, whereas the long-coated selection have curly or straight hair. Chihuahuas can are available in virtually any coloration or mixture of colours.

Chihuahua traits:

  • Small, stocky measurement
  • Apple-shaped head
  • Spherical, darkish eyes
  • Quick, pointed muzzle
  • Vigorous and dependable
  • Cocky and energetic
  • Sturdy-willed and outspoken
  • Nimble and fast
  • Transportable

Who will get together with Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas on leashes.

Chihuahuas make good metropolis canines. Images by Netnapha Buaban/ Shutterstock.

What Are Chihuahuas Prefer to Reside With?

Chihuahuas are the best lovable, loyal and long-term pal. Once you’re alone in the home with a Chihuahua, you’re by no means alone — they sleep in your lap, sit by your facet, or observe you from room to room when you do chores. Once you’re not residence, they shield it like their private area, barking on the signal of any approaching stranger (making them surprisingly efficient guard canines).

This endearing love and devotion, nonetheless, can generally evolve right into a fierce protectiveness, making them a power to reckon with after they attempt to compete with different pets or members of the family in your consideration. However, this big-time angle packed inside a pint-sized body has a outstanding manner of being endearing somewhat than annoying.

Whether or not in an condo, a home or a palace, a Chihuahua is completely accommodated. And so they’re pretty straightforward to look after, needing minimal train and meals. However don’t skimp on the eye: Chihuahuas crave affection and companionship to the purpose the place they could resort to attention-getting tips. And be careful: They’re so quick-witted and crafty and candy, you would possibly end up doing an time beyond regulation shift of petting, scratching and cuddling.

Issues You Ought to Know About Chihuahuas

A Chihuahua looking scared.

Chihuahuas have an extended lifespan — however there are well being points to learn about. Images by pixbull / Shutterstock.

How lengthy do Chihuahuas stay? The Chihuahuas lifespan is fairly lengthy — as a lot as 17 years — however they tend to develop well being issues like hypoglycemia, joint illnesses, eye infections and bronchitis. Additionally, the tops of their skulls by no means absolutely develop, leaving tender spots (“moleras”) that needs to be protected.

Although Chihuahuas don’t want as a lot train as bigger canines, they want each day walks. And so they additionally prefer to be heat, so that you would possibly take into account somewhat sweater or coat for winter walks. Although choosy eaters, they will simply be overfed. An overweight Chihuahua is extra prone to diabetes and a shorter lifespan.

Keep in mind: The world’s smallest canine may be the world’s cockiest. And Chihuahua homeowners will observe — throughout their very first stroll within the park — that this breed is fearless on the subject of confronting bigger canines. Don’t be so positive that your Chihuahua will know when it has met its match; i.e., at all times take away them from battle.

Some folks imagine that Chihuahuas are one-person canines and subsequently not appropriate for households. In reality, they is probably not appropriate for a small baby — since they’d not tolerate teasing or random play — however with correct coaching and mild, optimistic reinforcement, they will adapt to any residence.

Chihuahua Historical past

The Chihuahua — named for the Mexican state that borders Texas and New Mexico — is the oldest breed on the American continent. Historians imagine they developed from a wild canine referred to as the Techichi that was domesticated by the Toltecs in Ninth-century Mexico. Some even declare the trendy Chihuahua originated from a cross between the Techichi and a hairless canine that got here to North America from China by way of the Bering Strait.

Chihuahuas have been found round 1850 in Mexico, the place retailers have been promoting them to vacationers. They rapidly turned well-liked in america and have been registered with the AKC in 1904.

Thumbnail: Images by Dennis Jacobsen / Shutterstock.

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